In Reducing Health Disparity

We Support Underserved Communities to Receive Better Health

What We Do


— We Support IMGs

SMAA assist foreign trained health professionals as they study for and take examinations, and as they apply for jobs and residencies.


— We Build Networks

SMAA strives to facilitate the exchange of medical information, promote and organize platforms for professional relationships between SMAA members and the medical institutions in North America.


— We Educate Community

SMAA pursues all possible means to improve the health disparity of Somali community in North America and particularly those in Minnesota. 


— We Provide Health Screening

We encourage and provide community health service, free health screening through  collaborative partnerships and empowerment of the community.

What We Care For!

Bringing Dreams within Reach for IMGS

Help the Somali Community understand their Health

Build Partnership with Stake holders

Promoting  disease prevention & vaccination

Build Inter-Professional  Network

Promote Screening & Health Seeking Behavior