Because Only Together We Can

build a world where all communities are Health, strong & valued

Who We Are

Somali Medical Association of America (SMAA) is a nonprofit organization uniting clinicians, researchers and medical students with a strong vision of improving the health disparity facing underserved communities in United States of America. In according to Sections B and C of the article II of our organizational bylaw, we are committed to contribute the United States healthcare workforce in a meaningful way and create a platform to advance the medical knowledge through research, health education and charitable initiatives.

What We Do


— Health Education

SMAA pursues all possible means to improve the health disparity of Somali community in North America and particularly those in Minnesota. We encourage and provide community health, free health screening through  collaborative partnerships and empowerment of community.


— Professional Development

SMAA strives to facilitate the exchange of medical information, promote and organize professional relationships between SMAA members and the medical institutions in North America.


— Career Guidance

SMAA assist foreign trained health professionals as they study for and take examinations, and as they apply for jobs and residencies.

COVID 19 | Somali Community Resources

Public Statement | COVID-19 Pandemic Response

March 15, 2020

Somali Medical Association of America has expressed growing concern on the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States. As a state of emergency was declared by Minnesota governor Tim Walz and in light of this news and the extensive impact on the health and wellbeing of our community, we recommend to Somali community to take cautionary measures to protect our own health and the health of all those with whom we interact. it is mandatory to anyone who has flu like symptoms to stay at home and ensure minimum interactions.

Public Statement | COVID-19 Pandemic Response

March 23, 2020

SMAA is dedicated to work alongside with the community, healthcare providers and other stakeholders to bring a positive change in the overall wellbeing of Minnesotans. We have provided a massive campaign to educate the Somali community about the epidemic and we implemented certain measures to advise community leaders, Islamic organizations and small business to apply social distancing. We encouraged the verdict/fatwa of the Imams on way forward to halt religious congregations and our business community to limit their activity.